I’ll start the new blog off on this premise. I know I should be a little bit more positive but if I’m gonna be honest, then I’ve got to be honest:

Taking up trading has been the biggest professional mistake of my life. 

I often think about what my life would have been like had I gone a different route, but as we all know – crying over spilled milk is a worthless endeavor. Still, I think about it. During one particularly brutal stretch of trading, I wished that I had pursued baseball out of high school and just foregone a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. My head was swimming in images of being a minor-league ball player with the possibility of making it up to the majors. I know that it would have been a long-shot but maybe…just maybe I would have had fun along the way. Then I watched this video on YouTube and even though it kind of dampened my perception of being a minor league baseball player, again…maybe I could have pursued other financial opportunities during that time. I don’t know.


5 thoughts on “Worst Career Decision Ever: Part 1

    • that’s a great attitude to have. i’m glad that there’s other people on the net (again, people who aren’t shilling for a trading system) that keep posting and show the honest effort with this career. God Bless you – the man upstairs is guiding all of us.


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