Matthew_McConaughey__how_I_got_my_head_around__awe_inspiring__InterstellarThe New York Stock Exchange was energetic this morning which was cool. It doesn’t follow through like I’d like it to on most days and again, that’s cool. I’m pretty much cool with everything the market does – when I make money but when I don’t make money, I’m not cool with the market. Today, though, was cool. Even though there wasn’t much movement in my trades, I was able to take a respectable amount of ticks on size and the one loss I did suffer, was absorbed into the PnL because it was less size than the customary number I usually use to probe the market.

I got decent moves out of the Dow and from Wheat, my British Pound trade though was a little stodgy as it had reached its action point for the day. I wished it would have gone a little bit more but that’s just life, when the price is tired the price wants to lay down and rest…or something like that.

There isn’t much to say about this day other than the fact that I’m glad I traded maturely and that I didn’t get super angry at the market from yesterday. While I’ve barely covered yesterday’s losses with today’s trading, I’m still a little bit put off by how I lost yesterday. I’m glad that I’m not popular or seen enough where other posters are gonna go in on me about my post’s emotional honesty. I feel like as a trader, if you saw another trader lose, it’s not really your place to kill them in the comments section. It’s their life, it’s their money, it’s their account. It’s not like we’re here to lose money, it’s just that…shit happens. Yesterday, shit happened to me and today, good stuff happened for me. So besides trading maturely, I didn’t allow for any feelings to get mixed up in my decision making process. I saw that the trade was gonna be a loser and I cut out. I saw that some trades were gonna be winners so I liquidated them at good prices. That’s just how the day went. I have fulfilled my charter by not cratering my account and in doing so, have preserved the long-term financial footing of my balance sheet and thus my life and the people that depend on me.

I wish I could say the same for me personally. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last gone to the gym and I really really want to be more healthy. I just had a ton of stuff kill my equilibrium these past few days and it just doesn’t seem like it’ll stop. I know that the only way to get through Hell is to go through is so I will go through it. I’m a lucky guy that I have the resources to go through it though. Saying nice little phrases like that is one thing, but actually going through with it is a totally different story. Still, I would like to be appreciative of what I have and not sound like a total unmensch.


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