general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe Dow actually opened up with some energy today, I was surprised. A part of me wanted to get in on the action but I just felt like it would be a fool’s errand to try and decipher the futuristic dystopian hieroglyphics known as the market for today when Globex is going to be closed for tomorrow. I’m not sure about ICE and the other exchanges but in the end it doesn’t really matter because I didn’t see any setups in the softs that I wanted to hold for the whole day. I did, however, trade Cocoa and it gave me a good amount of ticks for size.

All in all, today was a scaled back day. I didn’t do a lot of the things that I usually do in the market but then again, it is a holiday coming up tomorrow. I’m just glad and lucky the Cocoa trade worked out because it wasn’t moving for a little bit and I was tempted to just cut it and get on with the rest of my day. Luckily, it started chugging along.

If I were to characterize trading today it was that I went in and did what I was supposed to do. I sized up the market, determined a comfortable risk size/profile and went to work. I’m glad that I didn’t try and do other assets today because I felt that it would have extended me far too wide and then I would have had to deal with a portfolio PnL number that might influence how I approach the rest of the day. For now, I’m happy that I didn’t take a whole lot of unnecessary risk and that I exposed my capital to whatever the market was willing to give. I have nothing to teach, nor do I have anything to talk about in terms of a cathartic moment. I didn’t win per se…I just didn’t fuck up. I’m thankful for that.

Being that it’s pretty much Easter Weekend, I’d like to watch some religion related movies with the fiancée but religion related meaning that it has a healthy dose of action in it. I was thinking of watching the old versions of Ben-Hur and The 10 Commandments on two separate days, but I was like “dude…there’s new versions of it now, just watch those” – and that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t know if I’m going to watch today but we are watching God & Kings with Christian Bale to start things off. I will, however, need a third movie for Saturday. I know everyone will suggest The Passion Of The Christ and that’s cool and all but I’m not too sure about it. I want something that will take me into that “setting” but won’t take me viscerally into the events leading up to Easter. I was looking on my phone for Easter movies and I saw one called Risen which was released last year. It looks promising and Joseph Fiennes is a pretty decent actor. It’s like a mystery movie type thing so, hey…who knows right?

You can tell that I wasn’t that exposed that much to the market today because my tone is a lot lighter than the last couple of days. Winning days are great, especially when the winning day is on the last day of a trading week. I’m in a good state of mind and you know what? I’m at peace being “lucky” instead of being smart. I don’t need to be smart, I just want the PnL to be green at the end of the day. I’m blessed and I’m thankful to The Creator. After I write this post, I’m gonna step into the shower and then use the rest of the day to relax and listen to the sounds of spring.


5 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Our main job if you will allow me that characteristic as believers is to rest in the Creator. And taking time to enjoy the creation is part of that rest. Have a great weekend!!!!

    We saw the updated version of the old Ben Hur. It was fantastic. Four hours long. In the end, it was a great tale of the love of God without being preachy. The Shack is also another flick that demonstrates this fact although it doesn’t put you in that setting. It does however, bring out the very reason for that setting and the events that happened so long ago. That book changed my life and I’ve given dozens of copies away and the movie was a very close representation of the book.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

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    • i like what you said about resting in The Creator. i’ve learned that in the end, it’s really his word that matters and nothing else. I’ll check out The Shack book you mentioned. I didn’t watch Ben-Hur yet but I did watch Gods & Kings and it was pretty respectable. Christian Bale does a good job of carrying movies that would otherwise have been flat if another actor played the lead role.

      may your observance of today be a peaceful one and i wish you and your family a blessed Easter Sunday!


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