3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21The New York Stock Exchange had some rare flashes of inspiration this morning at the bell but since we were already down by 80, most of the moves were just eye-roll inducing whiplashes. It’s hard to make money these days but I suppose we must make bricks with the mud and hay we are given. I don’t think I’m going to be trading anything else for the remainder of the morning so it looks like the Nasdaq & Cocoa will comprise my forensic PnL accounting for today.

I’m glad that I traded in a controlled way. There were moments during the open that I really wanted to open it up by way of size but I just didn’t really find that window I needed. The pull was really substantial though. I didn’t make all that much money last week and now we’re entering the third week of April. I’m usually really nervous around this time of the month because I know that if I don’t get something here, I’ll have to scale down my risk towards the end of the month in order to protect whatever I have gained in the early half. It’s funny because this period of stress is usually right after my fiancée’s period so she can yell and be miserable with me during her time but then she knows what it feels like when I get crabby due to trading directly the week after. It’s like yin and yang, the circle of life, good vs. evil (and I’m the good side hahaha, just kidding). Anyway, there isn’t much to write about my trading other than the fact that I did what I could do, I didn’t get bent out of shape and I covered commissions.

Tomorrow I think I’ll scale down, at least for the day. It seems like the market is in one of those inflective stages where it’s not in the giving mood but it is in the taking one. I know better than to push the issue so instead of projecting my wants and needs to it, I’ll just chill out and let the order flow come to me. Even in a delta-neutral day like this, I’m really lucky that I wasn’t all that exposed to the market and I really thank God for that – there is nothing without The Creator’s guidance, absolutely nothing. I am a very lucky person, not only on days like this when I don’t lose money but even on days when I lose a miniscule amount of money. There were days in my younger trading life when I’d sit there miserable about 4 digit losses that I would take. Now, I wonder why the heck I let things get to that point. Trading gets better when you ADAMANTLY REFUSE to take sh*tty and disproportional losses – it’s unnecessary both to your wallet and to your emotional condition. This is why I get a special type of annoyed in the event I hit my day limit. Anyway, I’m gonna go and enjoy the sunshine. Lots of stuff to do and there’s still 3 days this week to make money.

(actually, I’m kinda beat. I don’t know if I can even make the drive to get groceries)


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