RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange was literally dead when it started, but then after a few minutes there was action and then after that whatever action the market had, it gave it all the way back and then some and then now, we’re up again. Wow, amazing how that all went. In the wake of all this, I only managed to get myself a few ticks due to shakeouts and overall unclear signs I was getting from trades I made to guage where the market was headed. When I finally did go in relative size, the market took off but it was just so jittery that I took whatever profit I could take and just looked to trade other things.

So that was trading in a nutshell. I’m glad that I made quick decisions and that I was decisive. It’s important to me that I maintain cold focus playing these sessions and that whatever practice I’ve done shows when it’s game time. I’m lucky though that the trades turned out the way they did because things could have gone the other way and being that the market overall felt tepid, I could have put myself at an even bigger loss. While I’m good with my wins, I’m glad that on my Cocoa trade, I didn’t lose a lot – just a couple of ticks on size. Overall, it was one of those days where things went right and that’s just that – time to move on to other areas of business.

The fiancée and I are in the midst of sorting out an issue with the in-laws. She got mad at the parents over vacation plans and it just sort of spilled out into a wider arena of other issues boiling underneath the lid. Of course, I am providing emotional support. Trading was kinda sorta harder in the morning due to hearing her on the phone. It’s hard to have distractions around the house when you’re trading. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when there’s kids and animals running around.

While the day wasn’t like BAD it was negative enough compared to what happened earlier for me to label it as bad. I don’t like being a good loser and I didn’t like the fact that I lost in the Cocoa trade. In fact, I hate it to the bottom of my core and am really miffed that I did. But I will acknowledge that it was better that I lost that way rather than just lose horribly outright. I don’t like big losses but if I were to choose between having that and a little one, I’ll take the little one all the time. I’m still a little unnerved over this morning but I’ll just move along with my day and give little pep talks here and there to the fiancée – maybe even squeeze in a game of Madden or Halo or something like that.

I’m a really lucky person to be living in this life that I’m living. It’s imperfect, yes, but that’s just the crucible of it. To have performed the way I did, even though it was sub-par by my standards, is worth acknowledging. However, the fact that I fulfilled the charter of this account by keeping my family’s future in a good situation is what I’m more thankful to the man upstairs for.


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