general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange started off on a good and energetic note this morning. However, a lot of that action decidedly went towards the middle of the morning. I wish that it could have happened in the beginning but it seems as if conviction is a little too much to ask for these days. Whatever. I took whatever money I needed to take out so it’s not a big deal. There were other trades that I made but I was pleased that my Dow trades worked out because if you haven’t noticed by now, cash open is my bread and butter.

I also traded Wheat earlier in the morning and there was a little bit of action to it. After letting the trade run a little bit in my favor, I just decided to guarantee myself profit and started to look for other opportunities. Those other opportunities came in the Nasdaq and Feeder Cattle. The Nasdaq would give me a couple of ticks but Feeder Cattle was mostly a dud as most of the action quickly dried up and I didn’t get as much as I wanted to. All of these trades were on size so I was quite pleased with the result. For both my morning trades and my mid-morning trades, I picked my positions and vantage points well and they protected me as the markets ebbed back and forth. It’s very rare that I have trading days where theory follows application – if only things were this simple. I made my decisions quickly and I made sure that my risk was as controlled as I could make it.

All in all, the only thing that I didn’t like was the there wasn’t as much market continuation as I thought there would be. I would have arguably been better off buying the Dow and just holding it for the whole day.

I had to go into the city right after trading and if you know New York City, you’ll know that navigating that place during lunch hour is a nightmare. It must have been my lucky day because not only was traffic brisk but it didn’t seem like there were that many people breaking for lunch. It was like that scene in Vanilla Sky where Tom Cruise is weirded out about being all alone on his drive to work and then he just flips out in Times Square and starts running. I could have done that but if I did, I would be in very serious trouble and probably would not have been able to get this blog post out today. Anyway, it was nice spending time in the city where I spent so much of my formative years. Besides visiting the old stomping grounds of Wall Street, I wanted to pass by the beautiful Grand Central Station and into Park Avenue where much of the hedge-fund activity happens. There was nothing there for me, it was all just nostalgia and don’t get the wrong idea – I wasn’t working for some hedge fund or something like that. Wall Street and Park Avenue were places where I worked as a college intern and in my early post-college-early-career years. I didn’t get to pass by Park Avenue so I just settled on eating lunch at Times Square and then making my way back home. If there’s one thing that’s worse than lunch hour traffic, it’s rush hour traffic. It’s damn near impossible to get out through the bridges and tunnels without the suffering of gridlock-condition traffic.

Still, it was a beautiful day in the city. I love Manhattan. It’s the traffic and the people that I’m not so fond of.

I’ve been a little gloomy lately. I shouldn’t be given that I’ve had a great start to the week. I’ve just had a lot going on for this month and I’m ready to kick back and unwind for the summer. I was thinking that we don’t get a lot of time here on earth and that life can be sometimes so random that we don’t know what each day will bring. I used to do cocaine up the ying-yang and it really weakened my heart and lungs. Aside from the other ailments that start to catch up to you as you get old, my knees are shot from pickup bball games and I just feel like I’m more brittle than ever before. I get paranoid whenever I have chest pains and start to wonder if this is going to be it for me. I try to keep myself healthy but as you can see, I am not as active as I should be outside of driving. I would like to change that and I will. There’s a lot of life to live and I know that. It’s just that there are days when I lose perspective and I tend to lose a sense of proportion when it comes to little issues in my life. It weakens me to the point where I fear an actual big problem might actually give me a heart attack. So, every day when I wake up, I’m thankful, especially today. I’ve been having chest pains for most of the day and even though I know I have to go to the doctor I’ll just tough it out. I guess if I don’t post tomorrow and for the next couple of days, then you can surmise what happened. I’d rather not think about things like that and just let things go where they go. Like I’ve always said, I only rely on the man upstairs as I can only make plans but it’s The Creator’s far reaching wisdom that determines all.

I’m just thankful right now and I’m going to keep being thankful as long as I have air in my lungs. I’m thankful that trading went very well and that I’m living a semblance of a life. My only wish is that I could be more thankful and appreciative.


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