profile2The New York Stock Exchange hadn’t moved as much as it did yesterday when I logged on and that had me a little worried. I think it was like 15 ticks up or something by the time the opening bell rang but all of that worrying was for nothing because right out of the gate I could tell that there was a strong current of order flow; the building blocks…the amino acids, if you will, of making the nice green stuff that you can exchange for new toys at Best Buy or the Apple Store.

Trading was brisk. I came, I saw, and I traded. I got the ticks that I needed because the market was fast and when I saw that prices started to sputter and circle around, I said “ok, that’s it for the market open.” I closed down the Nasdaq and Dow windows and immediately checked on other morning trades I had. Wheat didn’t really give me anything, it just hung around the market and I just happened to be lucky to sell out when people were in a buying mood. The same for Cocoa, although for that I was a little bit more fortunate as the prices were coming in when I covered. Overall, it was a trading session. I still made bad reads in the market open and I made bad reads on the Nasdaq & Orange juice but I cut my losses instead of trying to hold them for some unknown cosmic hope that I’d make more money. But for the trading that did matter, I was sized up. My sizing is half automated and half arbitrary because I know that there are times when the automation isn’t working correctly so I need to step in when I have that feeling in my non-exercising gut.

I am mucho exhausted. March & April are generally the most busy times for me as I’m setting things up for the summer and trying to squirrel away as much extra money as I can in order to take a trip somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that I have these challenges even though I wish I would win $400 million in the lottery. Until then, I just have to trudge along and try to smile through life’s challenges. I don’t even need to be a billionaire, I just want like half a billion and that’s it – I’ll totally just leave and get a house somewhere in Santa Barbara or La Jolla where I’ll spend the rest of my life lounging at the beach and chopping the shit with the locals until I become the old, fat but enthusiastic mustached guy wearing Birkenstocks that you can ask for local directions but will also regale you with stories about the town even though I see that you have to go. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I’m thankful that my trades worked out and that I didn’t chase after those sized up losers. I just said “eff you…” and moved on to better things. Life is too short to babysit something that’s not turning out the way you want and if there’s one thing that really infuriates me, it’s a market that stands there and doesn’t move when I need it to move. Of course, I don’t like the market that moves opposite of my position but that’s a given. All in all, I know what I did and I know what I need to do going into tomorrow. Time to live this day thankfully.

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