M8DBOID EC001I don’t know how the markets did today because I couldn’t even glance at them this morning. My fiancée’s friend had a family emergency and we needed to head over to where they lived which is about 2 and a half hours away. Then once there, it was the tending to the people and listening and chatting – it was tough. Nobody died or anything but it was a serious enough emergency where someone had to go to the hospital. It’s tough, man. Health is all we’ve got in this world and without that, nothing is possible.

As always, after the whole thing died down (gonna be keeping the person in the hospital for observation) I found time to get away and a good Wi-Fi signal in this local coffee shop across the street where I am now typing this entry. I remember like 9 years ago I had to trade mobile and I was in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Anyway, it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and I was driving around looking for a place to open up my laptop (an old silver Dell inspiron). I was still lugging my old black messenger bag with my long-since-thrown-away San Diego Padres cap worn backwards. Still single but I think I was seeing some Vietnamese girl at that point. Oh, and I was driving my old car which would be traded in a few months later, I’ll never forget her. Anyhow, Portsmouth has this downtown center or something like that. It’s pretty much where all the mom and pop businesses are. There was this coffee shop there and it was pretty much as independent coffee shop as an independent coffee shop can be, friendly owner, nice selection and just people minding their own business. I sat in the front of the shop towards the main window and just looked out beyond my parked car and the trees lining the streets. There was a light breeze moving the branches so that the lights and shadows were dancing on the sidewalk. Back then, even now, I’m reflective of life. I don’t know whether or not I’ve come full circle but I just think it’s funny that after all this time I’m still going to a coffee shop to do some trading or to do some writing. I guess the atmosphere is conducive to it. This coffee shop is a little bit more modern though and has the build of a recently constructed and optimized structure for this kind of business. I’m not gonna say that it has no soul rather, it just has a different kind of vibe. Still nice though and the coffee is fairly decent.

I’ve been meaning to take at least one day off for a while now simply because I’m getting to a point where my mental connections aren’t really hitting on all cylinders. I feel kind of disjointed and a little ambiguous about what I’m supposed to be doing with the markets. It may be because I’m tired or it may be because I’m just at the end point of a mental cycle and need to recharge. I think it may be a little bit of both.

Nevertheless, I’m almost done with both this post and this coffee. I don’t like staying in coffee shops too long because it starts to give off the stench of an avant-garde-but-loser-fedora-wearing-fakephilosophy-talking appearance. Besides, the fiancée will probably want a late lunch and she’s understanding of me going off to write but only for a certain amount of time.

Man, it’s a gorgeous day. It’s like I’ve travelled back in time all those years ago and have a chance to relive those moments in that coffee shop. Life was somewhat more simpler back then. I hope you all are having a good day.


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