Gray Skies, No Action

profile2The New York Stock Exchange barely opened up with any energy this morning. It’s like the market is taking cues from the overall weather on the East coast and because the traders here don’t seem to want to do anything, then everybody worldwide including Chicago doesn’t want any part of this cash open. I don’t know if that’s the case, I’m just typing this out as quickly as possible. This cash open will be the last of my attempted trades because I didn’t find any other market setups outside of a play in the British Pound last night.

Today’s trading was quick and I took whatever scalps I could possibly take. There was good action premarket and I had gotten short for a couple of ticks. Of course, because I wasn’t playing on size it didn’t matter much but there was a good chunk to be had with the YM and NQ futures. I was just hoping that the market would follow through on the opening bell but I didn’t feel comfortable letting the market run so I just kind of scalped my way out of the opening bell. The British Pound trade didn’t really work out but at least I caught a couple of ticks in my favor so there’s no complaining here. Even at one contract’s tick, the British Pound can hurt you if you’re risk parameters are retarded.

I’m really glad that I made a commitment towards good risk management today. That’s really the key to preserving the account. Sure, there’s the capacity to get positive ticks but because that’s just one half of the equation, I also have to think about risk and not have a lazy attitude towards it. I’m a fortunate person that I’m in the green today. I’m thankful to the man upstairs that I have the opportunity to trade. I really am not intelligent. I’m really fortunate.

Time to enjoy this rainy Wednesday – lots to be thankful about.

Soft Opening Day

RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange opened up pretty slowly on this rainy Tuesday. We’re pretty much drifting which is to be expected and things just seem to be out of their normal rhythm waiting for everything to settle back to average.

I managed to escape this Memorial Day weekend’s festivities largely intact but I don’t know how things got as uncontrollable as they did. I’m just thankful that I was able to get a handle on stuff. I haven’t partied that hard in years so the toll on the body and mind was definitely big. I know it hit the fiancee too because for the latter part of the holiday weekend, she just wanted to stay in and not do anything. We didn’t even go out for Memorial Day sales so I know that she was really tired for that to happen.

I didn’t want to be too far away from the markets so I had three trades that I lined up for 1 contract each. I’m going to do this for the rest of the week until Friday or until this money I set aside for this exploration week is gone. I set aside $500 bucks so if I do lose all of it – frankly, I’d be shocked. But then again, you never know with this stupid career. I’m just trying to get through the rest of the week.

I traded the cash markets (Nasdaq & ES), Euro & Corn – all were very slow performers and I think I ended up a little below the line because of gains here and losses there. Whatever. The main point was just to be within the galaxy of what was going on in the markets and to exercise good risk parameters for when I really start to press on the gas pedal next week.

Overall, I’m glad I didn’t blow my shit up. This is a fun little annual exercise to see if I can keep a small sum of money largely intact.

Hope the week is going well for you all.

Casino Part II

I am stuck at the casino.

Actually, not like stuck as in stuck but theres just too many ppl in the group that extricating myself would be killjoy-ish. Plus, the fiancee showed up this morning with her friends so now it’s a goddamned Katy Perry video.

I lost all of my risk capital last night but the continued infusion of sake softened the sting. Now we’re in cabanas and while I’d like to get trashed I also need to get back home without wrecking the car. For real, this impromptu casino thing kinda got out of control and all I wanna do is go home. The only thing I havent done is get myself arrested.

Then again, the day is still young.




So at the spur of the moment, me and the guys decided to go hit up the casino. I am not one to bet but sometimes, I don’t mind playing the tables. I’ve already lost 25% of my risk capital, lol. I won’t buy any chips after this though. Trading this bullshit market is enough gambling for me.

Right now, we’re waiting for our food (Japanese) and I’m already trashed as f*ck from hot sake. I’m fortunate to be in this spot. I’m really thankful – and surprised that I’m typing flawlessly on my iPhone.

Fidget Spinning

The New York Stock Exchange opened up with a bit of a flash this morning.

Too bad that I’m not trading it. But it doesn’t really look like it’s going to go anywhere. I’d be surprised if we went somewhere this morning. I was supposed to trade Feeder Cattle yesterday and forgot about it – to my horror. Now I’m wondering if I should do it later on today, or maybe tomorrow.

There’s some action but I just can’t bring myself to take risk today. Perhaps I’ll do something tomorrow but today just feels kind of rushed. I don’t like feeling rushed when I’m trading. It feels like I’m going to royally screw up somehow and I’m going to end up paying for it. The thought of trading in sim came to mind but then I got scared that I’d do some outlandish baboon stuff over there and make the mistake of thinking that I could do it live.

I’ll just enjoy this day off and try not to think about trading too much. I bought one of those nonsensical fidget spinners yesterday night at a convenience store so that should keep me busy.

Quick Post

M8DBOID EC001Have some time to write up a quick post as I’m making my way back. I saw Alien Covenant. It was such an awesome movie – but I was PISSED at the ending. I won’t spoil it for you but the ending was enough to have something angry come out of my chest hissing and screaming. The fiancée enjoyed the movie as well. We were at this dine-in place and I had “poutine” style fries. Obviously, poutine cannot be served on this side of the Niagara so the cooks at the theater figured out a little hack to bring the Canadian delicacy to us. Even though we have our own version of poutine, nothing can ever really capture the essence of that cheese except if you pretend that mozzarella is interchangeable with it. Overall, the movie complemented the food and the food complemented the movie and thus I complemented the bathroom and the span of time the fiancée had to wait for me made her complement the hotel room seating arrangement.

I’m at a rest stop two states away from where I live and I’m just people watching right now. I’d love to be back at the house resting. It’s been a full day, and now that there’s almost no trading to be done, all I have to look forward to when I get back home is sleeping on the couch like some 80 year old Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking grizzled old man.

But I LIKE being that way.

Ah Screw You

3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21As expected, there was a real slowdown in the New York Stock Exchange open. It’s not like I didn’t know it was going to happen. I was a little miffed because even though I reduced my size, I just wasn’t fast enough on my clicks and what ended up happening was a whole bunch of missed scalps and when I did get filled, the market went the wrong way and when I say the wrong way, it means that the markets basically cracked my skull against a cinder wall. Again, no size but I felt like I got hit with size and that’s almost just as bad.

I traded quickly and did what I needed to do to contain losses in the cash open. I though there would be an opportunity on Wheat this morning and on the Euro last night but both didn’t really move in a way that I felt comfortable with. However, I did end up trading the Euro as my last trade of the day and that did well enough to cover my losses and cover commissions but that was just about it. Like Friday, I basically broke even with enough money to take a starving family from Bangledesh out to Cheesecake factory. It’s all good but it would have been nice if it was better. I’m glad that I cut my losses especially now that we’re about to go down into the rabbit-hole of Memorial Day weekend.

I’ve got my thing to go to so I’ll eat breakfast and do some trading forensics later in the afternoon. It’s raining here and from what I understand, it’s raining pretty much all the way up the BoWash region. I hope that we get some sun this week. All this weird psycho weather got me sick last night and as a result, I pretty much knocked out while watching CNBC World. I like CNBC World but I just wish they would fix their signal. I feel like I’m back in 4th grade when my teacher would roll in a TV cart and all the kids would start wildin’ out because it’d be an hour of watching something…anything…just not schoolwork. Even though the video quality was ass, it was still cool. That was great in 4th grade, not so much as an adult when I’m paying DirecTV monthly fees. C’mon CNBC World, step it up! Let’s get on Bloomberg’s level. Btw – I like Bloomberg but it’s kinda ehhhhhhh for me – not enough excitement. Ok, I’m going to get some motel breakfast/lunch or whatever they’ve got here. I know it’s raining and all but late spring rain is gorgeous. I love it when it practically gets typhoon-like minus the power lines coming down. Everything just looks beautiful.

I’m a lucky guy. I’m extremely fortunate that I broke even today.