3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21The New York Stock Exchange traded in yet another muted environment. I guess everyone’s waiting for the Obamacare vote in the Senate or something. Either way, I have a feeling things will be a little tough for a while but then again you never know in this business. For all we know, next week could be nuts and we have volatility all over the place. Speaking of volatility, I’m sick of the current East Coast weather we’re having. It’s May and I’ve been looking forward to cookouts on the grill and just lounging around in the patio but for some reason it’s like things reverted back to March and I’m sitting here with this dumb look on my face as I walk out of the house with shorts and a polo shirt.

I just traded the Nasdaq at the cash open. Even though I was going to trade the Dow, I just didn’t feel like it was going to wiggle all that much so I decided to leave it alone and try to catch the move for Feeder Cattle. It was also no dice there as I pretty much offset the ticks that I made in the earlier market with a loss on size. That got me really annoyed. At the end of the day, I just covered commissions, nothing positive nothing negative – just the opportunity loss of time doing something that would have been pleasurable to me. I will say though that I came into the market knowing what I was doing and that I didn’t allow thoughts of overtrading to interfere with work. I also made quick decisions and stuck by my convictions. Even though I wish I could have made money, I just have to chill out and not take these days too seriously. I got really ticked when the Feeder Cattle trade didn’t work but I just picked a wrong direction and it showed me that right away. There was nothing that I could do.

I’m thankful that I didn’t screw up too badly today. I think that alot of it was luck that Feeder Cattle didn’t move that hard against me according to my risk. Even though I had size, I knew where I had to get out in order to protect the PnL and live for another day – and that’s exactly what I’ll have tomorrow, another day. I wish I could write like I was writing before but to tell you the truth, I have a whole shitload of distractions going off around me right now and it’s making me feel uncomfortable. I can’t post in the time I want to and it’s starting to even impact my daily schedule. I don’t like it and I wish that things were different but the only thing that I can do is fight these distractions until I raise enough of a shitstorm that the distractions decides to leave me alone.

Trading is such a weird business.


2 thoughts on “Another Scratch Day

  1. hmmmm, I think I might be detecting a trend here. Distractions, pressure to write at the same time every day, pressure to make money to pay the bills. family issues, travel, etc. I’m wondering if getting rid of the distractions that you can and resolving not to trade until the ones you can’t are resolved might improve the trading a bit.

    Don’t write at the same time every day, let it be dynamic and organic. If the relatives are in the house, don’t trade. If you are traveling, don’t trade, if you are fighting with the missus, don’t trade. Essentially only trade when you have optimum conditions. One thing I am learning, a happy trader is a much better trader and undue pressure does not make one a happy camper.

    Just an outsiders perspective looking in…..

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    • hey man, great input. i’m on a constant purge with all sorts of distractions. it has been a busy april for me and may is going to consist of wiping up the residue. these last two weeks though really played with my sense of time and ability to be in the moment. if there’s one thing i take to heart above all the points you made (and i’ve learned this over the years), fighting with the gf and trying to trade is a combustible mix.

      i’ll get to your posts. enjoy the weekend!


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