RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange ran a little bit which was cool. I needed one of those types of mornings. It looked as if this week was going to be a total wash but because I got two solid moves, my outlook on today has shifted dramatically. But I’m still not happy about the way the week started. I guess in the end, it’s all about the way you finish rather than the way you start.

As I said yesterday, I was going to be going into the market open with size as I felt like if the market was going to run, today was going to be the day it would. I don’t know, maybe it was a sixth sense about geopolitical stuff, FBI Director Comey being fired, or the NSFW video my best friend sent me but I just felt like the cash markets were going to move today. I’m glad that I had the courage and the conviction to do what I needed to do. It was all the more important today because I didn’t want to take any other trades. I just traded the indices and I bounced. So I saw the move in the early going, got on it for size – determined that the thing wasn’t going anywhere and then reversed for a small number of contracts to lessen the risk and when that kept going, I was like…”noiiiiiice”. At the end of the day, I did what I needed to do to reduce my risk and the second trade was pretty much the one that made my day. I was expecting my first trade to not pan out or even give me a loss so having both trades work out was pretty cool.

I’m thankful that I didn’t lose money today because it would have really sucked balls if I did. I had a hard enough time trading yesterday and if I lost money today, I probably would have been a miserable wreck and would have gone to the mall and made some outrageously stupid purchase like the Nintendo Switch or something (it’s not really that stupid). Either way, I’m just really lucky that today wasn’t a bad day. I don’t like to lose on consecutive days but I know that there are times when you do well and there are times when you are drinking gutter water and you have to have the stomach to filter out what’s good for you and expel what is bad. Still, I can’t help but feel like crap. There is a new day tomorrow yes, but today I want to live it in a way where I am thankful for all the stuff I have because I am lucky.

I’m not smart, I’m lucky and it’s ok with me.


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