I took the day off today.

It’s not like I could even really afford to. It’s just that I had too many engagements swirling around me and I knew that it’d be better to have a PnL that was zero with zero commissions rather than have a $0 PnL before commissions or worse. The only thing that I don’t like about taking days off is that I completely miss the cash market open and I have to have a sense of how things open in order to gauge what kind of mood the market is going to be in.

But since it’s a Friday, I can kind of let things slide. I’m not usually one to lose discipline like that but hey…YOLO (do kids even use that term anymore?).

I’d like to say more market related things but there isn’t really a point to doing that so, as the title of the post says; here’s some food porn to take us all into a comatose state going into the weekend.


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