77bdd6e367dfe91371285de6869c907bThe New York Stock Exchange opened up fast once again – the kind of open that I have been yearning for since the great slowdown of 2016. I like how I named that era. It was a difficult one where I had to suddenly adjust to cash opens being slow as sh*t. I had to recalibrate my risk settings and do all sorts of mental gymnastics so that I wouldn’t blow up a third of my account due to the market not moving. I was thinking today that the stagnation of that era was very much reflective in the governance that we had. It was almost like we became Japan after the great burst of the Nikkei bubble. Thank God that era is past for us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for social justice and progressive policies but when you start messing with my livelihood, yo ass gotta go.

Back to the market, I had decided to trade the British Pound during the early morning of the London session because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have an opportunity to trade anything else later today. I didn’t see setups that I wanted to trade in Feeder Cattle or the other softs and it looks like my feelings were validated. I just didn’t have a handle on them. The British Pound however was a disappointment as I failed to really get a good amount of ticks for the size that I had. It was still a respectable gain but if I’m going to go and play in the London session, I expect a bigger payout. When the cash markets opened over here, there was no doubt that after scalping some NQ’s that I would go size again in the YM over the ES. While the action wasn’t as good as yesterday’s, there was still a healthy dollop of ticks to be had. I would not have been able to maximize my PnL if I had kept myself in two of the shitty scalps that I attempted. I took my losses, moved on, and hoped that the next trade would give me some cash and it did – thankfully.

Right now, I’m typing this entry in my backyard. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in the east coast and I’m surrounded by the peace and quiet of trees and birds chirping. While it may not be complete peace and quiet, I suppose this is the closest I’ll get to it. I appreciate everything that I have even though it’s not much. I appreciate the moments where my mind can wander off and be appreciative of just being self-aware. If I could have one thing today, it would be that I made more money but that is the imperfection of the business and it’s just something that we have to accept. I just have to be in harmony with the market and when things are moving at a blistering pace like this I know that there is an opportunity to make money and thus I revel in the volatility. It makes appreciating the day that much more easier. I know that I won’t get this moment back so I’m just appreciating it for what it is; a perfect 2 or 3 minutes that I can take with me in feeling and hopefully vision. I’m thankful that I can do this but I also keep in mind that these kinds of moments are possible because I followed the charter of my business and that is to protect capital above everything else and to make decisions quick and cut losses even quicker. This is not just for the health of the PnL, but this is for my emotional health and thus for the health of my relationship and the health of my future family.

Again, I’m not a smart person nor am I a special trader of any sort. I’m just a very fortunate human being and today, I hope you are just as fortunate.


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