profile1The New York Stock Exchange, after 2 days of run n’ gun action, finally settled back into the familiar malaise of tepidness and indecision. That was not, however, before there was a sliver of action on the upside. It was a fun two days where my attainable dream of a used Ferrari F430 suddenly reappeared in my mind. I could practically smell the leather of the steering wheel last night when I was prepping for today’s action. Alas, it was not meant to be. That, or maybe everybody’s just sick of the political drama that’s engulfing the White House this week and decided to bounce while the bouncing was still good. Nobody likes to get caught up in a stagnant market – the chops will just end up killing you. But when the chops are in the morning, overtrading is just a recipe for disaster.

As soon as the bell rang, I knew that we were in for a slow day. I immediately dialed my risk back to my default range. I would have gone even lower with my contracts if I felt like there was just gonna nothing but there was a little bit of a move so even though I took size on that, I couldn’t stick around anymore and got out. It sucks because the YM was in this range where it was baking between 99’s and the figure. I was counting on it passing the figure and blowing through 10’s but it had such a hard time doing it that I was convinced waiting would be a fool’s errand. Maybe it did maybe it didn’t but I wouldn’t trust the market to keep the structural integrity of a single heated gummy bear. That being said, I just got out. I also traded Orange Juice this morning and tried to position myself on the 30YR but I lost on both trades so my day ended up green but only on the coverage of commissions. It’s not a good way to end the week but it’s not a bad one either. As you know, I don’t like to go into a Friday afternoon with a red number on the PnL – it just messes with my head too much.

I’m outside in my backyard again typing this. It’s a beautiful day and I’m just listening to the rustling of the leaves. I had brought my portable speaker out with me to listen to some music as I type but I realize that I like typing in relative silence with only the chirping of the birds complementing the travel clicks of my keyboard. There is something very therapeutic about all of this. I’ll have plenty of time to listen to music being that I decided to grill something out here today. The fiancée had the day off and went shopping with her mother so I told her to work up an appetite and I’ll have lunch ready. Right now, I’m just enjoying the overall solitude. I can imagine that traders in New York have already left to go out to the Hamptons and the traders in Chicago are probably ordering their lunches out in Lasalle street with no intention of going back to their computers. And why would they? It’s a Friday and things are surprisingly quiet. I hope that for me, in my personal sphere of things, it’ll stay that way so that I can maybe read or just concentrate on nice things around me. I was thinking of going clothes shopping this afternoon but I might just save that for this Sunday morning.

I’m really lucky that I can think of life like this. I get nervous thinking about the future – this is why I really like savoring each and every moment where I feel at peace. It’s the little freedoms that only God can bless me with that makes the difference in my day. I’m gonna go and enjoy this Friday now and be thankful.


One thought on “Time To Leave The Party

  1. Lol@ I wouldn’t trust the market to keep the structural integrity of a single heated gummy bear.

    I appreciate your posts, managing the risk to the mind and capital and finding joy and appreciation for being in the moment are awesome.


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