3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21As expected, there was a real slowdown in the New York Stock Exchange open. It’s not like I didn’t know it was going to happen. I was a little miffed because even though I reduced my size, I just wasn’t fast enough on my clicks and what ended up happening was a whole bunch of missed scalps and when I did get filled, the market went the wrong way and when I say the wrong way, it means that the markets basically cracked my skull against a cinder wall. Again, no size but I felt like I got hit with size and that’s almost just as bad.

I traded quickly and did what I needed to do to contain losses in the cash open. I though there would be an opportunity on Wheat this morning and on the Euro last night but both didn’t really move in a way that I felt comfortable with. However, I did end up trading the Euro as my last trade of the day and that did well enough to cover my losses and cover commissions but that was just about it. Like Friday, I basically broke even with enough money to take a starving family from Bangledesh out to Cheesecake factory. It’s all good but it would have been nice if it was better. I’m glad that I cut my losses especially now that we’re about to go down into the rabbit-hole of Memorial Day weekend.

I’ve got my thing to go to so I’ll eat breakfast and do some trading forensics later in the afternoon. It’s raining here and from what I understand, it’s raining pretty much all the way up the BoWash region. I hope that we get some sun this week. All this weird psycho weather got me sick last night and as a result, I pretty much knocked out while watching CNBC World. I like CNBC World but I just wish they would fix their signal. I feel like I’m back in 4th grade when my teacher would roll in a TV cart and all the kids would start wildin’ out because it’d be an hour of watching something…anything…just not schoolwork. Even though the video quality was ass, it was still cool. That was great in 4th grade, not so much as an adult when I’m paying DirecTV monthly fees. C’mon CNBC World, step it up! Let’s get on Bloomberg’s level. Btw – I like Bloomberg but it’s kinda ehhhhhhh for me – not enough excitement. Ok, I’m going to get some motel breakfast/lunch or whatever they’ve got here. I know it’s raining and all but late spring rain is gorgeous. I love it when it practically gets typhoon-like minus the power lines coming down. Everything just looks beautiful.

I’m a lucky guy. I’m extremely fortunate that I broke even today.

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