M8DBOID EC001Have some time to write up a quick post as I’m making my way back. I saw Alien Covenant. It was such an awesome movie – but I was PISSED at the ending. I won’t spoil it for you but the ending was enough to have something angry come out of my chest hissing and screaming. The fiancée enjoyed the movie as well. We were at this dine-in place and I had “poutine” style fries. Obviously, poutine cannot be served on this side of the Niagara so the cooks at the theater figured out a little hack to bring the Canadian delicacy to us. Even though we have our own version of poutine, nothing can ever really capture the essence of that cheese except if you pretend that mozzarella is interchangeable with it. Overall, the movie complemented the food and the food complemented the movie and thus I complemented the bathroom and the span of time the fiancée had to wait for me made her complement the hotel room seating arrangement.

I’m at a rest stop two states away from where I live and I’m just people watching right now. I’d love to be back at the house resting. It’s been a full day, and now that there’s almost no trading to be done, all I have to look forward to when I get back home is sleeping on the couch like some 80 year old Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking grizzled old man.

But I LIKE being that way.

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