The New York Stock Exchange opened up with a bit of a flash this morning.

Too bad that I’m not trading it. But it doesn’t really look like it’s going to go anywhere. I’d be surprised if we went somewhere this morning. I was supposed to trade Feeder Cattle yesterday and forgot about it – to my horror. Now I’m wondering if I should do it later on today, or maybe tomorrow.

There’s some action but I just can’t bring myself to take risk today. Perhaps I’ll do something tomorrow but today just feels kind of rushed. I don’t like feeling rushed when I’m trading. It feels like I’m going to royally screw up somehow and I’m going to end up paying for it. The thought of trading in sim came to mind but then I got scared that I’d do some outlandish baboon stuff over there and make the mistake of thinking that I could do it live.

I’ll just enjoy this day off and try not to think about trading too much. I bought one of those nonsensical fidget spinners yesterday night at a convenience store so that should keep me busy.

2 thoughts on “Fidget Spinning

  1. Sim trading is great for the beginner who’s learning their trade mechanics, like how to buy and sell, but that is as far as I take Sim trading, not to be confused with backtesting a known result. Sim trading is like being Neo in the Matrix, the fear of losing real money can not be put into a Sim.

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