10f568c7cbb17c082b58bf2f6c9b3d32I wasn’t able to catch the cash open of The New York Stock Exchange. I had some internet issues so it wasn’t worth it for me to try and catch the open knowing that I would be distracted and feeling all out of whack. It never makes sense for me to trade outside of a place where my emotions can be challenged negatively. I guess it all worked out because looking at the market now, I’m assuming that we just kind of drifted lower.

I had two trades today which didn’t do much. I traded the British Pound and I traded Feeder Cattle. I thought both would move but in the end, both markets just proved to be too quiet and I exited out of each trade two or three ticks out of the money. I’m kind of disappointed but after yesterday’s loss, I’m glad that I didn’t lose anymore money than I did. Especially with Feeder Cattle. You gotta be careful with that thing because it just doesn’t move, it jumps from price point to price point. It’s the bi-polar friend you like hanging out with but don’t want to trust with a knife in his hand – that’s how badly it can injure you. Additionally, you don’t want to be wrong on that thing with size. I can personally attest to its neutering power so whenever I get out of there with a small loss (and because liquidity makes “small loss” relative), I’m thankful.

Nevertheless, I’m glad that things didn’t go as badly as they could have even though it would have been nice to make money. I was really looking forward to making back the money that I had lost yesterday but I guess it’s just going to be one of those things where I deal with this week in the context of starting anew each day. Looking out of my window at the gray rainy day, I can still see a whole lot of possibilities. I didn’t blow up my account so as many leaves as there are on the trees in my nearest sight, I know I have that many days to improve and get better. Again, it’s not about being a good loser; I just don’t want to get too wrapped up in a negative performance.

I have a life to be thankful for, so I’m going to live thankfully today.


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