M8DBOID EC001The New York Stock Exchange was in complete weirdo status today given the fact that the market is hanging on almost every word that James Comey is uttering. Whatever. I could have chosen not to trade it, but I chose to dance with the wolves so now here I am with commissions barely covered and thinking of clever titles for this post that would describe how the day went for me.

I traded Wheat in the early morning and through sheer luck was able to capture a nice little move on size. In retrospect, I should have stopped there but for some reason, I just decided to keep going into the New York cash open. I was hoping for one or two good scalps there but from the moment the opening bell rang I just made a mess out of things. Up was down, left was right – you know how that goes. In the end, I made out losing a little bit of money but I was like, “it’s cool, I’ve still got the PnL from Wheat”. I really really should have just stopped there but then I had a trade that I needed to take with the 30YR and that’s when all the shizzle hit the fan. From the moment I got in, the market just went against me. I will spare you visceral image but in the end, I watched my total PnL go from a beautiful shade of green to the type of green that makes you wish you had a time machine to take you back to when you made the decision to trade something when you should have just stopped for the day.

When I say I barely covered commissions today, I mean that I didn’t make any money….at all. I have just lost a day in this month.

So what is there to do after a day like today coming from a week like this? Well, it’s obvious that I am on survival mode a la The Revenant or when Jason Bourne is trying to get out of the US Embassy. I decided that I’m just gonna try and keep my mind off of work as much as possible and do other things in my life well today. I played waaaaaayyy too much Halo yesterday and even though I can technically play Madden or something, I just don’t want to waste too many hours in front of the TV when I could be doing something marginally more productive. It feels like crap to not do well in the markets but that’s just the nature of the business: sometimes you’re doing well, sometimes you stink it up. It would have been nice if the east coast was getting the type of summer weather it should be getting by now but instead, we gotta wait two more days before we hit the 90’s (32+ Celsius for you guys outside the US). I really want to hit the beach or something because with my schedule, there’s really no one at the beach even during summer school vacations. I think I’ll go grill something and take it from there.


2 thoughts on “Et Tu, Brain?

  1. Up was down, left was right – I know that feeling very well, usually when I realize I am trading inside congestion and I am getting whipsawed. I was a big fan of the first Halo, have not played on a Xbox in years. I’ve been killing time spent on PS4 playing Battlefield. The question to you is, do you find yourself spending more time playing video games when you have a bad trading day or is it the other way around? I call the video game breaks a good stress reliever, but I am learning that I am sometimes just looking for a good string of wins. Sorry to ramble on so much in just a reply lol

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    • Hey Trin, loved the first Halo also – everything else with the exception of Reach and ODST has been a bit of bleh affair. Although I would suggest doing the Spartan OPS episodes; they were kind of fun. I just bought Battlefield 4 a month ago but haven’t installed it yet. I’d like to do that over the July 4th weekend when I get some time to get used to a new game.

      As for your question, I actually do find myself playing Halo firefight more after a bad day because I view it as a bridge between the shitiness that I feel after trading and getting myself back to emotional neutrality. It’s funny you brought up the string of wins point because I personally have not had a dependable string of wins in a month and when that happens, it feels like you’re walking a tightrope. It’s a horrible feeling and I tend to try and find as many distractions as I can. The thing is, I believe this is the new market paradigm. The economic policies that were put in place (I won’t get overly political here) have kind of strangled the allowance for assets to move. This is why it’s no surprise to me that classic investment funds treat Apple and Alphabet like Treasury Bonds and the prices reflect it. What are traders to do? Well, you can take more size but that invariably affects your longevity in the game. But that’s kind of where things are going to. It’s a horrible atmosphere but I guess if one is a videogame maker, then it’s good haha.

      Hope you are enjoying your vacation. No worries on the rambling – I appreciate the visit!


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