77bdd6e367dfe91371285de6869c907bThe New York Stock Exchange opened up so quietly this morning that I looked at the DOM and realized it just wasn’t worth even trying to scalp. Same with the NQ’s. I guess everything is going to sleep it off until after the Fed decision tomorrow, which is cool anyway. I’ll welcome every chance for a break as long as its not too long.

While I really wanted to trade the NYSE, there was only one other trade I tried and that was Cocoa. I was hoping that it’d give me a nice move on size but I only ended up getting a few ticks – I just called it a day after that. I’m glad that I didn’t lose any money. I’d rather suffer many small losses and break-evens than live through the ignominity of a red PnL day.

It is really hot here in the East Coast. However, it’s going to rain tomorrow and pretty much f*ck up the rest of the week going into the weekend. I am really hating this prelude to summer. It affects pool and grilling season. I wanted to go to the beach today but the car was acting up so I had to take it to service: another expense. I guess I’ll just be stuck at the house doing house stuff like reading or something – which is cool but it’s such a nice day. It’d be cool to do stuff outside. I’m thinking of buying one of those inflatable pools and just lounging around the backyard. If you know me long enough you’ll know that I’m rather materialistic and I want to buy a lot of things on impulse. That’s just about the worst characteristic to have as a trader, lol.

Quite thankful though that I didn’t murder my account in this chop and that I have an opportunity to trade tomorrow.


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