general-william-tecumseh-shermanI made that word up to describe how ass my trading was this morning.

The New York Stock Exchange charged out of the gates this morning but I felt a little strange about how the markets were moving. I tried my best to scalp the market but all I kept coming up with was false moves necessitating that I made my exits as speedy as possible. There were points where this helped and there were points where I just couldn’t get out.

I had also traded Wheat in the morning and I didn’t do so hot in that. I wanted to look for other things to trade but that was all that I could do given today’s significance. The last thing I want is to have an open PnL in front of 2PM so I just accepted the fact that I had a red PnL and that was that. Even though I didn’t lose with size, the way I lost was really disconcerting to me. It was as if every single thing that I wanted to do was thwarted in some way or another. But I’ve been in the business long enough to know that this sh*t just happens and the only way you can protect yourself is to get out of the market.

I suppose it’s all well and done. I would have liked to make money but I can spend the rest of the day knowing that I have an opportunity tomorrow and if I don’t make money there then Thursday will bring me another opportunity and so on and so forth. As I am typing this I am being all self important with my laptop at a friend’s backyard pool. Even though the east coast isn’t baking like it was yesterday, this is still good enough weather to swim. We’ve got some beers loaded up in the floating cooler and some Polish hard vodka for those of us that want to drown drunk. For a change, someone else will be doing the grilling while I can lay out in the float with the cupholders like the lazy crap that I am : what a time to be alive.

I am more lucky than I am smart but you know what, I’m thankful as heck for that.


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