Matthew_McConaughey__how_I_got_my_head_around__awe_inspiring__InterstellarThe New York Stock Exchange traded with some energy this morning. Even though it was to the downside, I felt like there was some muscle to the movement. It wasn’t as much as I wanted but it was as much as necessary for me. I just saw that we are hitting new highs in all indices and that’s kind of cool. I thought that it was gonna be a bit of a slog in the morning with the sellers dragging the buyers around for a little bit.

I only traded the YM this morning because I felt like that would be the only place where I could get some movement and it was. I got some nice tickage there even though I didn’t put on any size. I don’t know why but I just felt leery today of the market having an overall direction so I eased off of the gas pedal a little bit and just took what was there with the size that I did. As for other assets, the only other trade that I attempted was a trade in The British Pound. That one went for a small loss but not big enough to hurt the overall PnL.

I got a lot of stuff done in the morning after I tucked away the laptop. It’s nice to go onto another set of activities when you’ve made money trading. Otherwise, you kind of just want to keep to yourself and stay in all day. The business is really difficult like that so whenever I do make money, I’m in full rejoice mode. The only thing missing is a body of water that I can relax in like a lake or a beach. I used to live steps away from the beach back in my bachelor days and let me tell you, it is a real experience to do that. Whenever the fiancée and I go to a coastal place, I always book a waterfront room because there’s just nothing that can compare to the sights and sounds of waves crashing in the morning. I’d like to do that again soon so I’m hoping that there’ll be some good money coming in this month.

For now, I’ll enjoy my little victory but after lunch, it’s back to forensic accounting and studying where my trades could have been done better – you know, stuff like that. I am a very lucky person. I am so fortunate that I am where I am even though I complain a lot. To have this precious gift of a day means so much to me so I’m going to make sure that I live it as thankfully as I can and get ready for tomorrow’s market.


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