general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange was a little slow off of the bat so that made trading mildly difficult in the get go. I miss those days when the markets would open up like a track meet and you’d get a bunch of traders clobbered for 20 – 30 ticks going one way and then they’d all fly in and hit bids/take offers to send the market moving up 30 – 40 ticks the other way before the heavy hitters started coming in and making their presence felt. Those were great days. Alas, things change and now I am here with changes in the way that I approach the market and changes in the way that I look at risk. It is what it is.

I traded the cash open as well as I possibly could and made out with a net positive amount of ticks. I should have stopped there but I didn’t have any other assets that I could trade for the remainder of the day including the currencies and the grains. So I just decided to trade a setup on the 10YR Bond. That proved to be stupid as I lost a couple of ticks there which diluted the final PnL number. In the end, while I was green for the day, I could have been a bit more greener had I just stayed away from the bonds. But like I always say, you can’t be selective all the time with trades. You have to go with what your trading dictates and today it dictated what it did and I’m stuck with a result that could have been better.

Today’s trading was quick but I’m glad that I wasn’t overly careless outside of the 10YR Treasury mistake. It’s shaping up to be a sunny day and it’s beautiful. I have a world of possibilities before me and I have the choice of approaching it from a standpoint of gratitude or anger. I choose to approach the world from the standpoint of the former. Even though there are things that I feel I haven’t achieved, I am still grateful that I am relatively healthy and that I can tackle the market tomorrow.



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