profile2The New York Stock Exchange didn’t really trade much in terms of volatility. There was a little bit of movement in the early goings but basically, I felt like one of those prehistoric flies caught in the amber goo and then you see me 3 million years later at a natural history museum stuck with the expression like I’m expecting the market to actually do something but it doesn’t.

I’m going to have to keep this brief because I am all over the place today after having to run some unexpected errands. I would like to get home but before I do I need to stop at the pharmacy because I have the mother of all headaches and if I allow it to get worse I’m going to end up speaking in monosyllables and grunts to show my displeasure with things. I traded Cocoa this morning as well as the Euro last night in addition to the cash open. I didn’t make anything with the first two trades and it was more like break-even for them. For the cash open, because of the speed of the market, I was caught in bad positions for size and that’s pretty much how my day ended. Whatever positive I had for Cocoa and The Euro was wiped out with the losses I incurred trading NQs and trying to decipher where they were headed and what kind of mood traders were in today.

It’s tough dealing with a red PnL but I’m glad that I didn’t spend the rest of the day revenge trading because that would have gotten me in a boatload of trouble given that the market was a little bit sticky. I don’t need to deal with the market’s shit if its trading like that. I have better things to do with my life and it was a beautiful albeit hot day today. I’m at a Starbucks typing this up and I’m thinking of an ice cold coffee that would go a long ways towards helping this headache.

I’m a really lucky guy. Now, if only I could hit the damn lottery.


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