RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange started off indecisive this morning. I tried getting in a couple of trades but it was really apparent that the market wasn’t going to be moved by the early morning orders. I just decided that I would try and trade as cautiously as I could because – while this isn’t necessarily a chop – the market will probably bleed into whatever direction it wants the way ketchup falls through French fries on a plate.

I tried two series of trades today. I tried to play Feeder Cattle and I tried scalping the YM. Both were to no avail and I cam out with small losses on both contracts in all trades. There wasn’t even an instance where I broke even. I was not pleased by the result but I feel fortunate that I didn’t get wrapped up in what I felt was a slow and uncooperative market. I was also playing with size which further limited my ability to just spray out orders. The last thing I want to do is to pummel my PnL in worthless commission rates but to do it with size behind it would turn an already frustrating day into an emotionally unstable one.

As you can probably surmise from my title, the latter half of my Monday will be spent in the hellhole known as the car dealership. Because I am obsessed with keeping up appearances being the materialistic prick that I am, I have to maintain what amounts to an expensive pain-in-the-ass vehicle. Normally, I go to my local mechanic but because of the nature of the maintenance needed, I have to get dealer parts and thus, dealer repairs. I am not pleased in any measure but there are two things that I always keep in mind when I have to go through this unpleasant ordeal:

a.) I am fortunate to even be able to drive around in the car that I do


b.) I deal with a friendly, courteous and extremely professional staff who don’t act like it’s a privilege for me to be here.

I have had past experiences with other cars where they make you feel like you’re sucking on the butt hair of their greatness and therefore you should be glad that they even want to repair your car much less look at you because you’re nothing but a worthless peasant compared to the noble air that they espouse.

I have a feeling that this particular round of upkeep on my car will be an expensive one so I just basically kept it short with the rep (a cool guy, btw) and told him it’s OK to just get me a ride home. I have other things to deal with today and the last thing I want to do is to be stuck here at the dealership for hours on end. Right now, I’ve already been here for an hour and a half and I already feel like I’m a prisoner in Alcatraz. Granted, they have cute little sandwiches and drinks here which is kind of novel. Also, it does give me a chance to think about my life but I can do that in my backyard without the pressure of having to look professional in the clothes that I’m wearing right now in order to get some professional respect from people that I hardly even know.

I complain about this occasion a lot – but it really is a service and I’m thankful for it.

Speaking of being thankful, I am glad that my account is intact and that I have the opportunity to trade tomorrow to better myself. I hate the fact that I lost to start the week but I just have to be productively aggressive tomorrow. I am thankful that I can take my car in for maintenance and repairs and I don’t have to stress that whatever the amount is will necessitate me having to think about selling my kidney or dancing half naked….or worse.

I’m a fortunate guy and I should mentally push myself out of feeling down. I want to get to the next part of my day without having this present part impact it negatively.


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