general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange didn’t move quickly nor did it move with the electrifying precision of a peregrine falcon diving down on its prey. It did however, pick a direction out of the opening bell and decide to stick with it – and boy, did it ever stick with it. That 40 tick move on its own would have lifted even a single contract player into dizzying heights of orgasmic trading nirvana – I mean, if it weren’t for the fact that I had to trade in a Starbucks this morning, I wouldn’t have saved my dancing until I got back into the truck.

I traded Wheat this morning and caught a couple of ticks which was great. I was wondering to myself whether or not the cash open was going to be another wheezing and stalling affair but I’m glad that I waited for it. When New York opened up, it was as easy as clicking in limit orders on the DOM, getting filled and watching the market move. I wish I could have days like that all the time but that’s just the way things go. I am really really happy that the market traded the way it did today. I took all my trades in size so in theory, I could just take the rest of the week off but there is work that has to be done including trading. I had one more trade to make with Feeder Cattle but after some thought, I was like: “why the hell would I go back into the salt mines to assume more risk?? fuck that shit.”

So that’s pretty much how the day went. It was AMAZING. But I will be the first to tell you that my results are not due to my “intelligence” or my “hard work”. My results today were due to the fact that the higher power opened up the money mill for me and said, “take it, and take as much as you can baby!” I will maybe write a post on this one day but I don’t really believe in “hard work” or “intellect”. In my experience, that stuff is for people who exploit being in the middle of the pack – which is cool but my purpose in life is to not be in the middle of the pack. I strive to escape that orbit. But I can’t ever do it without help from the man upstairs – Lord knows how much I’ve tried to rely on my “intellect” only to be slamming my keyboard onto my table after a failed trade that I thought would be a sure thing. I hate that feeling – even when I’m not playing size I hate to lose like that. I just hate losing in general.

Anyway, it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry. I’m also extremely thankful for this day. In my adult life, I don’t have instances of purity to enjoy so when I get a fortunate occurrence like this, all I want to do is give thanks and be happy – and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


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