profile5The New York Stock Exchange opened up with very little energy this morning. Sure, there was a little bit of a move and I was thankful for that but overall, it seemed as if the markets weren’t ready for 930 on a Monday morning. It seemed though that neither was I. This weekend I helped out a friend with work and got a refresher course in Microsoft Excel. It’s actually a fun program to run stuff on if you know what you’re doing and you’ve got a fair amount of numbered data that you can manipulate. I have to say that I probably had more fun in those few hours than I did on July 4th. Well, that may be an exaggeration but it kind of felt like it. Maybe it was also because his fridge was well stocked with beer. Come to think of it, maybe that was it.

Anyway, as for trading, you can probably tell by the title that I defecated the proverbial bed. Because I was strangely enthused with this Microsoft Excel party that I was having over the weekend, I failed to notice that I had not taken the USB connector for my mouse out of my friend’s computer and thus when I went to trade this morning at a Starbucks (dropped the fiancée off at work), I had no mouse functionality. Mind you, this is at 9:26am. Even though I was able to trade, I had to trade using the keyboard tracker – I don’t like the keyboard tracker. I scalped on minimum size with the market because it was just swaying back and forth and not really picking up steam to do anything. In the end, I pretty much broke even as I wasn’t able to secure a decent move. Maybe I can do that later but I’ve already cratered my PnL from a previous trade.

Even though things turned out neutral to favorable in the New York cash open, I had traded earlier on in the morning and took a b*tch*n loss on the British Pound. I felt like the market was strong but then around 4am or something like that, the currency just got slammed. I exited with a small loss because of minimum size but I still don’t like the fact that I lost money. The more I think about it, the more I think that I’ll just wrap up trading for today and focus on other things that I have to get done in my daily life. The New York cash open was not enough to bring my PnL to positive so I have to accept the fact that I got my ass kicked today and just be ready to come in tomorrow.

I can’t emphasize just how unpleasant this week started off for me. I’m really angry but that’s just the way this career is. You can’t love the party and hate the cleanup that comes with it. For now, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and I’m looking forward to living life gratefully and to the fullest today. I’ve got no more time and emotions to give to this retarded, flaky business.


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