profile 6The New York Stock Exchange had a nice little pop today. That’s generally the type of trading that I like out in the open. I get really miffed when the market opens up quietly; it makes me feel like I wasted a day. But of course, it’s not really a waste when it’s your job. I remember watching a documentary on trading and one of the traders likened trading as going into the salt mines. That’s kind of how I have looked at the markets and I feel like it’s an apt comparison – especially on days where it’s a grind with how the markets open. Today though was a bit of an exception so I’ll take it and be thankful.

I traded Wheat this morning and incurred a small loss. I just made a bad read on the market and it turned around and backfisted me in the nose – can’t do anything about those. Otherwise, there were no other trades available. I tried to trade the Euro early but I just wasn’t comfortable with how the market was moving and I didn’t have confidence in my price points. “When in doubt, cut out”, that’s what I always say. So it was pretty much on to the cash open and we got about a solid 1/8 in terms of ticks on the NYSE and some handles on the ES. That’s all I can really ask for with the markets. It seems like our free market economy isn’t being held back by unrealistic progressive policies anymore. Rather, it’s being put into a holding pattern by a dogged determination to undermine political harmony by media outlets through nothing-burger special reports. I just shake my head but like I said yesterday, you can’t like throwing parties and not understand you have cleanups afterwards. For better or for worse, whatever our tying degree is to the market, we just have to push on and be professional. That means being respectful and being gracious – with everything.

I’m a little tired and it’s only 1030 in the morning here in the east coast. I have a few things that have to get done but I’ll be in no particular rush to do them. I have the whole day. I’m just glad that I’ve got another day in this pigsh*t business to make money. Hopefully, I’ll win the Powerball or something this Friday, then I can blog about foods that I cook and places I travel to and meditation techniques I learn, and I can do it all with pictures too like those really sauced up WordPress sites.

But seriously, I am thankful that I didn’t get killed today in the markets. And I’m so appreciative of the gift of life that I have.


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