profile7The New York Stock Exchange started off particularly slow today outside of the opening bell. I was looking at it closely on the DOM window along with the Nasdaq. For some reason or another, I just took the YM trade. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe it was muscle memory or some weird impulse that just ran through my arm from my brain to the finger on the left mouse button. Anyhow, I did it a couple of times that – now that I think about it – impulse is probably not a good word to use. Maybe “stupidity” would be more apt in this case.

I was actually very very lucky to have broken even. I was trading in size today and every time I kept pecking at the YM, I would get these small moves but I’d have to get out quickly because the crowd would bust on through to the other side. If I had held longer I would have had a really bad day. As it was, I made enough to be somewhat productive. I did not have any other trades this morning even though Cocoa was looking like it could move. In the end, from my vantage point, I just didn’t see a compelling case to get into the market and decided to call it a day. I didn’t even bother looking at the Treasuries because I don’t trade bonds unless there’s really really nothing to trade.

So that’s that for my trading day. Like I always say, I’d rather be lucky than good. Because on most days, you will need fortune in the market. It ain’t a science, but it sure isn’t an art either. You go in and you’re literally at the mercy of thousands of traders you don’t know hoping you don’t get obliterated and that you’ll make out with at least something to cover your costs. I say it a lot but I am very thankful that I can still try and make money tomorrow. Every extra day you get in this business brings you closer to days where you can win and when you string enough wins together….well, it’s kinda cool. You know, with the money thing.

The time to be grateful and appreciative of life is not only now but always. I’m going to get a burrito for lunch.


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