profilepic2The New York Stock Exchange woozied out of the gate this morning but after a few moments of indecisiveness it took a direction which was cool. Except when I tried to trade it I kept getting jerky movements up and then back to break even. It was hard just to participate today let alone try and make money. But since this is a Friday and I have a ton of sh*t that I have to take care of outside of work – I’ll just let things slide and get on with this post and my day.

I was waiting on signals for Cocoa but things didn’t really materialize in a way that I felt comfortable with. I wanted to wait things out for a while and maybe see if I could even get in at a lower contract count but the way it looked, I just didn’t feel like it would be responsible for me to try and trade. I was looking for reasons to justify doing something and usually in this dumb business “thinking” leads to losses. The cash open was what I described above – a whole lot of gyrating, clicking on the mouse buttons, eyeballs flying up and down the DOM and basically doing nothing but breaking even (maybe even net negative, I still have to do the forensic accounting later). I’m not happy today.

Do you ever have one of those days where you have so much to do that you decide to just order pizza and veg out on snacks and watch TV? I am having one of those days right now. I have 3 really big time consuming errands and I feel like I would rather delegate those responsibilities to somebody else. Like, I would be willing to pay someone $100 – $200 to take care of my shit so that I could be lazy and quiet today. It doesn’t help that I have to do a lot of driving to do while it’s raining outside. There are a series of storms rolling through in the East Coast. Even though we aren’t in the storms path, we are feeling remnants/effects from it. Hopefully it doesn’t carry over into the weekend.

I really don’t want to do errands today. In fact, I don’t want to do jacksh*t. I just want to be thankful that I didn’t screw up my account doing anything stupid.


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