profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange started off well today, I guess by the 200 day average standard. It moved well from how it got out of the line to how it decided to pick a direction to move on. That was pretty cool and I am really quite thankful that we got a morning like this on Monday.

I took two trades outside of the cash open. The first was an overnight on the British Pound which netted me some quality ticks. The second was Wheat which took some money off of my PnL and the third was the set of New York open trades that helped grind me back to a decent PnL position after the loss from Wheat.

I am really really thankful that I started this week off on a positive note. Like I always say, it is really hard to make money in this business so whatever you get you really have to be thankful for. I’m so fortunate that most of my trades went well today. It wasn’t skill or anything like that. I’m a very lucky person. I’ll leave the skill up to the professionals.

I am really really tired today. For some reason, I could not get to sleep and ended up tossing and turning throughout the night. There was a point where I was so frustrated that I carefully snuck out of the bedroom to go and watch some CNBC World to check out the news coming from Europe. All in all, my sleep was sporadic and I don’t think I got to the point where I was in the REM stage. Everytime I felt myself moving towards that part of sleep something would cruelly jolt me awake. Now, it’s the middle of a hot sunny afternoon and I can feel myself trailing off even while I type this post. I’m going to try and take an afternoon nap but it is really annoying that things got to this point.

Nevertheless, I am really thankful that I had a good day. Maybe when I wake up, I can celebrate with a ceasar salad or something good like that. Till then, I’m pretty much on the cusp of forced sleep.


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