M8DBOID EC001The New York Stock Exchange traded up slightly from the open but most traders had already committed their capital from the night before so there was a.) not much of a move in terms of energy and b.) they’re probably selling some inventory in to bag in some profit before 2pm. Interesting thing I found: AM and PM stand for Ante – Meridiem and Post – Meridiem, respectively. The word “Meridiem” refers to lunch or the noon hour. Actually, I don’t know if it means lunch that may be my subconscious talking because as I’m typing this post I am getting hungry as f$*k and am ready to cook whatever is in the fridge at the moment. So yeah, now I go around texting people “Good Ante Meridiem” or “Have a Good Post Meridiem”. So far, only one person has asked me WTF I’m talking about. The rest either don’t respond or unfriend me on Facebook – just kidding, but they don’t respond so that automatically tells me that……..I should just keep doing it.

Also, speaking of lunch, I ordered a pasta serving measurement tool on Amazon. I was kind of annoyed at myself because the shipping cost more than the actual order itself. Now, before you destroy my kneecaps and rip my intestines out with “why didn’t you buy it at the store????” statements, let me tell you that I have been looking for weeks at Target, Wal-Mart & local retailers and I simply could not find a pasta measurement tool. I just couldn’t! It was pretty shocking. I was like “who do I have to sleep with just to find this instrument????”. I’m not gonna tell the fiancée because she may really question my intelligence on this.

In the very least, I should have ordered two. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYY….I searched far and wide through my asset list looking for something to trade, or rather looking for reasons to trade certain assets and the only thing that I got was to trade the cash open. I figure we weren’t going to get all that much movement as everybody’s warming up their keyboards and stretching out their mouse clicking fingers for the 14:05 announcement. The thing is, I’m gonna be long gone because as a rule, unless I’m feeling real fast and lucky, I’m not going to touch the Fed announcement. With a sufficient enough size, you can literally wipe out two to three weeks of work just on the initial fakeout ALONE. And if you’re double dead wrong on the ensuing wildebeest stampede, you might as well call yourself Mufasa, honey boo-boo cause u iZ gOn giT tRamPleD and your PnL is gonna light up in shades of red that you don’t wanna see. That being said, I just put out a limit order on my default size and left the desk with the intention of coming back at around 11:15 or so.

I always say that it’s better to be lucky than smart. I say it because, as appreciative as I am of whatever primordial intellect I possess, I know that things have to roll a certain way to make good money in the markets. I just know and humbly accept that there are things greater than what my intellectual capacity can envision. As much as it is tempting to think that life’s intricacies respond to our specific inputs, experience has taught me that this – in most instances – simply isn’t the case. In fact, I was really kind of bummed out this morning because I was expecting a loss. But I didn’t want it to color my day so I made sure that my risk parameters were in place and most importantly, that I treated this day (as I do everyday) as a genuine business with cogs and gears – to approach this dumb business in any other way is to play with fire. When I got back, I was stunned to find out that the market had decided to move upwards on positive results from Boeing and a continuation of the crude oil rally. Of course, this also meant that with my limit order being hit, I was a part of this last leg of today’s pre-FOMC announcement. I am so lucky. Really, I am. And I am so grateful.

Things could have ended much more differently this morning for me and I’m not going to pretend that I was smart enough to avoid that outcome. Fuck that. When I look at the sky this afternoon, I’m going to be really thankful to God that I did my job professionally and came back with positive results. Hopefully, the same will be the case for you other traders today.

Enjoy your Post Meridiem


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