profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up slowly but then popped to the upside. I don’t know what caused this but that wasn’t the issue today.

As I was getting set to trade, I got a phone call from a relative – who is close enough to know the nature of my work and for some reason, picked the hour of 9am, at 29 minutes & 59.76 seconds to dial my number for some obscure f*cking question. People know not to bother me when the market opens. Even my super older relatives – some suffering from outright dementia – or my youngest nieces & nephews know not to call me at market open. Yet this person, who has advanced degrees in subjects so irrelevant to daily life thinks it’s OK to call me at THE MOST IMPORTANT time of the work day.

Of course, some of this is my fault because as I’m zoned in, I hear the phone buzzing and for some stupid as hell reason, I took a scalp realized I was wrong, flipped and then completely lost my bearings in the tussle of the cash open as I attempted to trade more. In the end, I lost money. I took a trade on Orange Juice and Feeder Cattle but both didn’t bear enough fruit to offset my cash open disaster. The only ok thing that happened about this trading day is that I dialed down my risk because I thought today was going to be a bit of a slippery market – I didn’t know that the slippage would come from distractions.

I’m sincerely unhappy about this morning, not with the two other trades but with the cash open. There was a real opportunity cost that I missed with the YM & NQ and it makes me so mad that I could literally take a sledgehammer to my desk. I already hate the mental and emotional leadup going into the market open but to have to endure it from someone with whom I’ve had to have 2 prior discussions with about coming around from 9 to 10 in the morning is more than I am patient enough to deal with.

At the end of the day and in the grand scheme of things, this loss doesn’t impact me or the week I’ve had. It was relatively small. It just gets amplified because I hate losing money. The truth is, I could have made sure that I had my phone on silent. I should be thankful to God because now I know with certainty that I should talk with my relatives about this in a more proactive manner, maybe a group text/email or something like that. I should try to move on from the day and I will. Nothing will change; I go into every single morning prepared to make money and I’ll go into tomorrow expecting the same thing as well.

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