profile1The New York Stock Exchange opened up somewhat in a holding pattern this morning before it broke off to do whatever it wanted to do. By that time I was long gone feeling the familiar burden of messing up the cash open. Nothing is really happening on the geo-political front and as I’m trying to recall the front section of today’s Wall Street Journal, the only thing that really stuck out in my mind was that Samsung has surpassed Intel as the number one chipmaker by sales or something like that. That’s actually kinda cool. I’m still trying to fathom how they could have pulled off such a thing as I would imagine Intel chips are pretty ubiquitous…omnipotent even…in the grand stage of worldwide computing. I’m assuming that Samsung has a grip on the Asian market which is a pretty big opportunity. Personally, I hate the tech over there and I feel like everyone is resigned to being stuck with it and it’s not necessarily a buying choice.

I screwed up the cash open. Because it opened slower, I didn’t really get a feel for the order flow and instead of going in aggressively, I dialed back my risk after 2 or 3 failed scalp attempts. Successive trades just didn’t produce anything and I realized that I was becoming a burden on the PnL so I just decided to call it a day. Feeder Cattle, though, was the trade that rescued me. It wasn’t much but hooooeeey! if it helps my PnL, I don’t give a cow’s a$$ whether it moved 15 or 25 ticks. My trade rescued the PnL and I can breathe a sigh of relief. I’m very fortunate that I got the move that I needed to get trading cattle. I could not have done it without celestial intervention. I’m extremely grateful – and humbled…

I should make a tea brand and market it by that name to traders. Instead of Celestial Seasonings, it’ll be Celestial Interventions.

What flavor do I drink most often, you ask?

“Panic Infused Involuntary Bowel Movement” 


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