profile5The New York Stock Exchange got off to an extremely slow start this morning. I took one look at how it was slowly swooning up and down on the DOM and decided that today just wasn’t going to be worth sinking any capital into.

I don’t like it when the markets start off slowly because in my experience, it will more than likely be a chop morning going into a chop day unless some type of news hits the wires. I am running a business and I know that these types of days will cost more money than its worth – as well as emotional balance. The weird part about today is that there were also no indications among the list of contracts that I usually trade. When I say indications, I mean like there were no reasons for me to buy or sell.

So, in total, this day was just a big fat zero. However, a zero is still a positive. You haven’t lost money and neither have you committed your precious capital. I’ll take these over PnL chop days 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in the year. You know what? Scratch that, I’ll take these types of zero days 30 hours a day 12 days a week and 423 days in the year. That’s how much I appreciate days where I don’t lose money to commission and loss. Of course, then that means I don’t make money and that’s counter to what the purpose of trading is. However, I assume you get my point.

I am fortunate to have another day in this shit-fest of a business. I am thankful to God.

Now, I will prepare to make money tomorrow.


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