profilepic1The New York Stock Exchange opened up markedly confused this morning. I feel like as we get more and more news coming out about geopolitical matters, the market is going to become more skittish thereby proving that one trader’s gigantic VIX bet to be a winner. Who knows how far his trade pans out but I have a feeling it’ll be a good one for him/her. As for the overall trajectory of the market, who knows…I just hope that the volatility continues, so long as it helps my trades. Speaking of which…

The cash open was ok for me. It wasn’t spectacular as I had a couple of losers here and a couple of losers there but overall, my winners helped me out and I was able to come out with a pretty decent PnL. The story this morning though was that I had wiped out on the Euro. I was looking at it last night around 1 in the morning and felt like I could take an pre-New York trade on it. The market didn’t really move and to top it off, it had gone several ticks against me which really made for a bad morning. However, my PnL was saved by Feeder Cattle’s holy-fucking-mcshit move to the downside. I scaled my risk to the downside to be extra careful but I didn’t need to do much as the move pretty much took care of everything I needed.

I am really really lucky that I got that Feeder Cattle trade because I was looking at a really crappy PnL number and as much as I wanted to trade to get it back, I knew that I had to calm down and prep myself for tomorrow. So of course, when I saw the PnL in Feeder Cattle, I was overjoyed. Was this intelligence? Was this market clairvoyance? HELL NO! I was just one fortunate little monkey and I am so grateful. I don’t need to be a trading master, I just need to make those pretty little pesos. It’s a beautiful day out here in the east coast, I’m not going to waste this day. I’m going out to the shore and reflecting on how fortunate I am.


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