profile 6The New York Stock Exchange started out pretty strong this morning. And when I say strong, I’m not talking about strong in the sense that the market is strengthening positively. No, I’m talking about the market’s acceleration. In this case, the market is starting to accelerate to the downside following the President’s remarks regarding North Korea. I’m not one to really say much on it but on the one hand, there wasn’t a real need to acknowledge those commie shitwhistles because in the grand scheme of things, they can be destroyed by more covert means. Starting a conflict with them is like fighting a mentally retarded child. It’s too easy to bring the hammer down on someone like that. It almost makes us look like jerkoffs. But on the other hand, not many retarded children have access to weapons that can inflict serious harm if used correctly so I can see why the President may have felt the need to do something different than the placation of the last two administrations – especially the one preceding this one. As I’ve feared for the last 5 years, the medicine may have to be worse than the disease itself.

I didn’t do much in the market today outside of the cash open. I took an early morning trade on the British Pound but couldn’t really make that much dollars and sense out of it. I pretty much covered commissions but I wish I could have made more. The cash open was strong but I was only able to catch one really decent trade before I couldn’t really read the market as well anymore. I decided to stop when it became clear my shitty trades might ruin the good PnL I had going for me.

As the post of this title suggests, I am entertained by the shenanigans over at Google after an employee wrote a manifesto with the TANGENTIAL, NOT GENERAL point that men are better tech workers than women. I think Google was right to fire him. He knew that Google is a cesspool of quasi-socialist drivel mongoloids and yet, he tried to put out a calculated proposition that went against anything they’ve ever imagined. If I were one of those snowflake idealogists, I’d can his ass too. If there is a big lesson in this it is that if you want to write/say what you truly feel, you should do it under a pseudonym but if you want to write it under your real name, you should do it a.) outside of your company’s intranet and b.) make sure you have the money to influence the media and the muscle to take a ball bat to the left/right leaning fury capybaras that come after you. Really, it’s that simple.

Last thing on the menu is Lebron James’ twitter talking about how he’ll play a pickup game when he “…comes back home to L.A.” I won’t waste time explaining the background but if I’m Dan Gilbert, I would put some thought into trading Lebron for future 1st & 2nd round picks and just build around Kyrie Irving. Everybody knows Kyrie would be ok staying with the Cavaliers – it’s just that he doesn’t want to deal with Lebron micromanaging everyone. His trade request is simply sending a message to Dan Gilbert: “Trade Lebron or trade me.” But as we all know Lebron brings in the money, he is an economical impact and unless Kobe Bryant inexplicably unretires, the Cavs need Lebron more than he needs them.

I am so very fortunate that I didn’t lose money today. Again, going into the rest of the day with a green PnL does wonders for the state of your mind and the state of your emotions. I’m all about the money but I also know that in this vast universe of price fluctuations and limit orders, I am small and very very insignificant. For me to even get something is cause to be grateful and to be kind and respectful to everyone and everything that I come in contact with. I’m prepared to live the rest of this day conscientiously, but I know that I have to put in work to make money tomorrow.


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