profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up strong this morning. It was, as I thought it would be, a flurry of activity as people with different goals and means would be vying for position on a plethora of time objectives.

I was scared one second, but happy the next.

As the cash open was a scant few seconds away, I realized that there was something wrong with my limit orders. They just weren’t hitting the market at the speed I was used to. I usually will flash n’ pull if I feel like my connection is compromised which is all good. What’s not all good is when I pull and my order is stuck there. With only a few seconds left and a buy order sitting in the DOM like an oblivious duck in the middle of the street. Thankfully, the order didn’t hit but for some inexplicable reason, when I was in a fearful trance clicking the “cancel” button repeatedly, my mouse – drifted over to the BUY MARKET button and before I knew it, I was the nervous owner of YM front contracts that I didn’t want.

At 9:29:58, I was crapping my shorts.

But at 9:30:03, I was like “oh, word????? 🙂 we goin’ this way, baby?”

I just took the trade to an acceptable level where I could call it a productive day for the PnL and cut out of the market because I just couldn’t chance my orders getting screwy again and since it’s a Friday, there’s no use getting all worked up (I didn’t trade any other assets, as there was nothing out there worth committing capital to). I was extremely fortunate, I ended up with a positive PnL, and whatever the market does at this point is of no concern to me because I’m out with whatever I needed to make for today in order to concentrate on what the hell happened to my trading platform and why my mouse drifted the way it did. I am extremely lucky that I didn’t suffer a loss today.

It’s time for me to be thankful. I plan on doing so by looking up at the clouds thanking God for my blessings and getting the lady from work for some outside lunch.

p.s. when I found out they made a song out of the catchphrase, the fiancée was begging me not to look for it or play it in the car. but it’s too late. some things just have to be shared with the world.





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