profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange started off slowly but then then pressed on the gas pedal after a couple of minutes. I don’t think there is going to be much action. It just seems like a very blah kind of Monday. So blah, in fact, that I suspect most traders are probably going to be packing it in after 13:30 or so.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the whole eclipse thing that’s affecting everything but it just seemed like the market isn’t really caring to do anything. “What’s one wasted day?”, it’s probably thinking.

And yes, the fiancee and I have our solar eclipse glasses.

As you can see, I am anthropomorphizing the market which is something I often do when there are only pennies to be made. I got in a few scalps but as I said before, the sudden uptick in the market confused me a little. So all in all, the cash open yielded me something over break even but not a whole lot to be considered that productive. The same was true over in Orange Juice as I took a trade hoping that I would make out well in markets that didn’t really have even a tangential attachment to today’s eclipse. I only broke even there for the most part. The most productive set for me was in Feeder Cattle but even that was a slugfest as I was forced to liquidate close to my basis simply because I just didn’t feel comfortable with how the market was moving.

Overall, I’m glad that I didn’t screw up my PnL. I’m glad that I have another day in this truly retarded business. I just wish that I was flush with cash(who doesn’t, right?). This week seems like a good week to vacation in Miami or somewhere coastal and eat ceviche until I develop gills. I’m thankful to God that I can still participate in the market. I just want that big money that’s all.


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