general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange opened up a little slow this morning. It did take a direction but there wasn’t really much to jolt it towards some type of conviction. I figured it would do as much given that this is a Friday. We’ve also got Labor Day coming up so I think we could be in for some subdued action next week. But we’ll see, very few people (including myself) can afford to take off days in this business. I need to get up there with the real pros that can do that.

Anyway, I said in my last post that I was going to take an overnight trade on the British Pound. Well, I was all prepared last night to do it. I kept repeating it to myself that I was going to get in the market and make some money. But around 22:45, I went to the bedroom in a sleepy haze. The wife was watching TV and I just plopped into bed. I vaguely remember asking her to wake me up in an hour if she was still up but knowing me, I probably dreamt it as I probably fell asleep soon after. I had set my phone timer to wake me up but that didn’t mean shit – I didn’t plug it in to charge. When the light of the sun hit my eyes at 6 this morning all I could do was cry tears of bitter regret. I’m disappointed but kinda not. If there was anything this week demonstrated it’s that we can have the mindset and the preparation but if the market ain’t in a giving mood, then it ain’t in a giving mood. Additionally, I said that if I didn’t make money in the British Pound then I would trade the New York cash open, and I did. Since the market wasn’t moving all that much, I wasn’t really able to jump onto moves the way I wanted to and with the size that I wanted to for the most part. When I did get those good looks for size, the market just didn’t move enough. In the end, I barely covered commissions – a green day but only by a paper thin margin.

I hope that the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight will be different. It’ll be a nice late Saturday night cookout with friends and perhaps the weather will be cooperative enough for some pool swimming. I’m glad that this week is over and I’m grateful to God that with the size I swung around today, I didn’t lose any money. It could have been a worse week, I’ll say that but with some grace, I got to get out of it with neither a win or a loss – just the promise that I will live to trade on Monday.


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