prof5The New York Stock Exchange started off mixed this morning. I didn’t get the sense looking at the currency markets when I woke up that there was any news that would move the markets but then again, it is the week of Labor Day weekend so there is that. I plan to trade other assets but I trading the cash open on Thursday and Friday will be something that I’ll think about – at least from a size perspective.

I traded two additional assets today: Cocoa and Wheat. Both contracts unfortunately cancelled each other out but I ground out a few ticks beyond commission so in the very least there was that. The cash open was a mixed bag for me as I went back and forth between the Nasdaq and the Dow. In the end, I just realized that I wasn’t getting the friendly bounce on my shots and decided to call it a day. Better to break even with a handful of ticks rather than lose money to commission. I’ll take this day over the latter without question.

I’m not particularly happy with this day. All I can do is just hang tight and prepare myself for the next. As difficult as it is for me to swallow a losing day, I don’t want it to be the gasoline that ignites other stresses that are unknowable to me as of now. It’s best to withdraw gracefully from the market and get a clear mind. What will I do to get a clear mind? Well, for starters, I want to make sure that God knows I’m thankful for my blessings and well….you know…a Bud and Chipotle burrito sounds like the makings of a good afternoon.


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