3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21The New York Stock Exchange was a little confusing this morning, just like last Friday when I was looking forward to trading big. I saw the stuttering almost within the first second of the market open. Now, if you know me, I don’t like slow staggered markets because I firmly believe that whatever you do in the capital markets – whether it’s trading the ES or trading tulip bulbs – the market has to be moving. A slow & gassed market or a static one, regardless of the “underneath story”, is a disaster in the making for all traders. Many of us – myself included – simply do not have the capital to work through such market periods at full capacity and if we are not working at full capacity, we only ensure our demise at a slower clip. Ok, maybe not, who the fuck knows right? Obviously, there is a possibility for everything.

Moving on, I saw the stuttering of the markets and was like, “fuck!…”. Obviously, it’s Labor Day weekend but I was expecting some action before everyone took off for the day. Of course, there was a move but things just kind of bled upwards. I’m not about that shit so I just tried my hand at getting a fistful of ticks. After 4 or so trades, I just didn’t feel comfortable anymore and sensed that I was going into that “diminishing returns” territory. So I just signed off the trading system and called it a day. I wasn’t going to be trading any other assets outside of the Dow or the Nasdaq so this effectively wraps up my week.

Although I didn’t really do much to be productive PnL-wise, I’m ok with calling it a day. When it’s just time to wrap it up, you’ve got to wrap it up and trading is a business where you can actually get worse the longer you stay in daily. It’s a cold morning in the East Coast; the wife will be getting out early at work so we’re going to go and get a late lunch or something. I’m a really fortunate guy. Sometimes, I lose track of just how lucky I am but I always have this running dialogue in my head with God. In it, I’m always saying how thankful I am. I am immensely blessed and even though I have managed to get myself stuck in this shitty good for nothing business, God still finds a way to bless me.


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