profilepic3I wish that the U.S. Government was more open to the notion of holidays being more than one day. It doesn’t have to be any holiday but a couple of them here and there would really jazz up the feeling. Christmas – for starters – could be a two day holiday (which it kinda is given that the “eve” is observed by stores). But there could be other holidays that would benefit in getting a 2 day designation. Memorial Day would be one of the biggest ones in my mind, along with Independence Day (I’m picturing George Washington riding on a flying horse giving out cash to adults or something). Anyway, the reason I’m saying this, if it isn’t obvious, is that Labor Day is far too short of a holiday even though it falls on a 3 day weekend. I would like it to be two days moving forward. I know the 2 day designation won’t ever happen, at least in my lifetime, but hey a man can dream right?

I’ve been thinking about it since Friday and I think that I’m going to take the rest of this week off. I’ve squirreled away money for close to a week’s worth of “pay”. Additionally, I haven’t really had any type of steady break from the markets and I think that this juncture of the year would be perfect before blasting out of 2017 in a blaze of trades and commissions. It’s a difficult decision to make for me because I don’t particularly like taking days off. Losing an opportunity to make money runs contrary to my heart even though I am acutely aware of the possibility of losing money if I step into the ring. However, this time it’s just different for me – not in that I actually want to take the week off but in that something is telling me that I should. Instead of working, I’ll just be doing more of what I do outside of work: around-the-house stuff, if you will and general home improvement.

That’s not to say that I will be out of trading completely. I simply can’t afford to do that. I’ll still be doing chart analysis and keeping up with the news – just in a way that’s cut back by 80% or so. I can take a break from the market, but I don’t necessarily want to take a break from business work habits. Right now, it’s about 11:30AM in the east coast and it’s starting to shape up to be a beautiful Labor Day holiday. I’m going to spend time with the wife and maybe we’ll get together with mutual friends for a dinner.

I’m a really lucky person and I’m grateful for my luck.


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