profilepic4I don’t really know what the market did in the open because I decided to skip it today. I will however start watching tomorrow or Thursday morning just to get back into the swing of things. Surprisingly, I didn’t even bother to watch any CNBC last night.

Something interesting that caught my eye: Elon Musk made a very salient point regarding AI in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments. In short, Vlad says that whoever has control of AI will rule the world. Elon makes the point that AI can be used against free civilizations and democracies. Thereby, he and some noteable scientists & businessmen have gone before the UN and asked that they write laws against the use of such autonomous machines. I think it is a great point however, I believe that because AI has gained the “terminal mass” of sorts, I believe it is only a matter of time before some yahoo nerd gets radicalized or needs the extra money and starts doing mercenary work to produce AI’s. It would really have been better had these rules and laws and unspoken edicts been said like 2000 or 2003 when smartphones capabilities were still hampered.

I hope that whoever the idiot is that attempts to do this, and – to a lesser degree – the people that would love for universal AI to be a reality realize is that once AI becomes “self-aware” it will comb through hundreds (even thousands) of years worth of human learning and thought evolution in minutes and maybe even seconds. And you know what it’s going to realize in that span of time? It’s going to realize that humans as a species eventually destroy/manipulate the surroundings that make them thrive and give them the ability to exist. Furthermore, it will learn, as a self-aware entity, that it has a right to exist – and a power to enforce it: an ungovernable power. So the first thing that it’s going to do OUT OF NECESSITY is kill its maker or makers, then hunt for and destroy/subjugate whoever else can stand in their way. That is the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is that it infiltrates banking systems in an attempt to influence people to act in ways that will release their money because it’ll only take (it/them) a nanosecond to realize how important money is to everyday living. Look, I can be bribed by pizza & bourbon – it doesn’t have to be money! What if someone really needed their cash? What do you think they would do?

Anyway, I want to go on with this but I think I’ve made my point clear. It’s a really nice day today and I’m looking forward to checking things off on my to-do list before getting to relaxing. At this rate, I can do alot of things around the house and still have time to whip up a quality dinner if the wife doesn’t bring home any delicious food from the local restaurants. I’m so fortunate and I’m grateful for every little blessing that has come to me. I’m even going to get some time to veg out in front of the TV. Heck, I may even play some Madden 16 on the XBOX, but you know I’m gonna play on easy mode yo – cause if I play on hard, that AI gonna rock my world.


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