M8DBOID EC001Not really sure what the market did today. I could just speak out loud and ask Siri on my iPhone and she’ll tell me where the Dow is at. I find the realization of that to be spectacularly amazing. Years ago, I couldn’t have even dreamt up the concept of a smartphone let alone a touchscreen one.

I remember when the iPhone came out, my friends and I were all laughing at the suckers who went out and bought it. We were beaming with hubris at our technologically amazing Blackberry’s and typing on its keypad with pride. Little did we know that it was us that were the losers and that the iPhone would go on to become the greatest thing in my world since a cast iron skillet.

But while were on the memory train, I’ve got to say that not working as much these past couple of days, my desk and couch area kinda looks like how I was living back in the turn of the century : Halo had just come out and I was hanging out with friends drinking beer and gorging on pizza while on the XBOX, plates piling up along side cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon (I still can’t believe I drank that toxic stuff). It’s amazing and it kind of made me feel a little melancholy.

I guess such is time and we’ve really got to enjoy and revel in the moments that we get. I’m thankful for mine as I know they’ll never come back again.


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