The New York Stock Exchange traded a little slow out of the box this morning. I was surprised. I thought that with an overnight move of -56 on the YM, we would see some type of action either on the continuation or on the contrary sentiment. I didn’t trade, I just sat in at the cash open to get myself back into the habit of things. I didn’t feel like losing another day to non market activity – I mean, it was great to have a vacation but I am simply not rich enough to tell myself that I can take a week or two off, the business just doesn’t work like that for me.

Anyway, it’s a Friday and it turned out to be a beautiful albeit chilly September day. I can’t believe we are already in the U month. This year has just gone by so fast. I didn’t even really feel like we had a summer just due to the weather. I didn’t really get to go to the pool as much as I wanted to either. Speaking of the pool, my friend’s pool completely turned a shade of turquoise due to weather related non-swimming. It was just really hard to keep maintaining it and then having to forget about it because it would rain or the weather would turn cold. That’ll be the project for this weekend I suppose – cleaning up the algea. It’s not so bad, but it’ll be a bit of work from the experiences I’ve had with pools.

Well, this Friday will be as good as done once the 13:00 hour mark passes so I’d like to be as productive as I possibly can. The wife had the day off today so I’m sure she’s up for doing something so long as it doesn’t take up the whole day. I’m a really lucky guy


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