profile 6The New York Stock Exchange opened up with a little bit of a stutter. This is very frustrating as I need the markets to be liquid and moving in order to get a good read on it and make money. It’s like sailing; you can only get somewhere if there is a wind blowing. If there isn’t, then you’re just stuck in the middle of sea looking around at a vast horizon. The wife wagered that the markets would react negatively to the North Korean missile launch. I was just hoping that there would be action.

I wasn’t able to make much of the market with the exception of the first couple of minutes or so. That’s because after a short stutter, the market just kind of bled itself up higher. I was a little hesitant to commit capital but once I had stepped into the proverbial mud, my reptilian brain took over and I started rolling in it. In the end, while the PnL was green it took a lot of work to keep it there and when I realized this I knew that I didn’t want to trade the cash open anymore. I didn’t find any other assets to trade either last night or in the morning – the market just looked bleh overall.

Am I glad that I’m ending the week on a quasi-positive note? Yeah. I’m actually grateful. I just expected more (like I always do). I was looking at the moves some of the other assets made in the last 3 days and I was wondering to myself why I wasn’t in it. Anyway, at least the week is done. I’ve escaped and I’m in a good position to start on a positive note next Monday – that alone is priceless. I have a lot of blessings and I’m going to make sure that I live in a way that is appreciative of it. I know its still early but I sure could use a Guinness right about now.


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