profile7The New York Stock Exchange really traded with some fervor this morning. There were definitely a flurry of orders coming in for tech issues and the action was enough this morning for the specialists over at the NYSE to make money off of the peaks and troughs of the early going. That being said, this made for the market being like a meat grinder and I….well, I was the ground beef.

I don’t know what it was. I just didn’t have a read on the cash open at all. The result was that I was stunned on most of my trades and could not recover even for the sake of commissions. I am sick to my stomach of the way I traded because it’s very rare that I fuck up the cash open this badly. When I lose a handful of ticks aggregately, I just count that to a bad day but today was just so bad that my immediate reaction was to console myself mentally rather than ask myself pointed questions about my viability as a trader long-term. Anyhow, I traded Cocoa as well this this morning and that turned out into a decent foray. Overall, I am still negative but not as negative as I was after I stopped trading the cash open.

As you know, I am a horrible loser – but a professional one. I can take today and chalk it up to one of those things where I just have to move on and get ready for the next day. It just leaves a rotten taste in my mouth because I always like to win and when it’s a Monday and I don’t win I have to fight mightily so that it doesn’t set a tone for the week. Right now, I’m just concentrated on being thankful for the blessings that I have and the ability to be able to trade tomorrow. Capital is a precious thing and I hawk over it like there’s no tomorrow. Because of that, I have the capital to try and improve my life at the next market open and I have the man upstairs to thank for the fact that I didn’t get too emotional and try and trade my way back. Lost capital is lost capital, nothing I can do about that – it’s like trying to find a dime in the sewer system.

Speaking of sewer system, the wife and I went to go see IT with some friends yesterday. All I have to say is that clown is scary AF. The movie wasn’t like “Exorcist” scary but it was definitely bone-chilling. If you’re looking for a fun horror film to go to without shitting your pants, I’d suggest this one.


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