profile1The New York Stock Exchange traded really slow today. As soon as the bell went off, I realized that the YM and the NQ’s were just pretty much nowhere to be found and it could be like this for the rest of the week. The good thing is that tomorrow is Friday and that should put a merciful end to what was a less than stellar week.

I traded the NQ’s and had a little bit of luck buying and selling. There was a nice little move to the upside but I couldn’t capitalize on it with size due to the evaporative environment of the market. I went in with less than half the risk capital that I usually do and my results mirrored it. Because of this, my commissions (strangely) took a big bite into my profits thereby rendering the day almost useless. I traded Orange Juice and that yielded me a little bit of something but not enough really for me to be satisfied. It was just an overall blah kind of day.

I had stuff to get to almost immediately after trading which is why I couldn’t really blog as soon as I wanted to. However, I am still thankful that I didn’t end up destroying my PnL. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day but I am glad to have had an opportunity to trade today. Now if only those millions of dollars would start showing up, I’d definitely have a much better end to the week.


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