profile 6The New York Stock Exchange opened up tepidly this morning. There wasn’t really much by way of moves unless you were a holder. I saw from yesterday that we just sort of eased up a little bit in the indices so I wasn’t expecting any magic going into today’s session. I don’t even recall any news today out of the Wall Street Journal front page. I don’t know if it’s because I just didn’t give a shit this morning or maybe I’m just ready for the week to end. Either way, today was just one of those tougher than normal days.

I traded Orange Juice a little before writing this post because I thought that it would be a mover this morning but I just didn’t feel like there was any impetus in the market to propel its technicals, so I just left it alone. I wanted to trade Wheat but I didn’t feel comfortable there either. It seems like I am not as comfortable with trading assets during this time and I think it’s because I feel like they are non-movers. This leaves me with trading the cash open but even there, the market isn’t moving as much and it is a little frustrating. I didn’t want to get into trades where I had to hold so I ended up taking a handful of mini losses. It felt like death by a thousand cuts. I remember a trader friend used to say this to me. It is a very apt description of the business.

Today is a rather cool and breezy day in the east coast. I’m glad as I’m getting a little tired of the hot and pointless weather. The water, for me, is a little too cold to get in so it renders the sunshine useless. Nevertheless, it’s nice to sit and relax outside. The wife will be coming home early today (half-day). Life is good. God is good. This business is stupid.


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